Testing Design.ai for my video content

OK folk, since we are in the AI funnel nowadays and we are unable to think of anything else (ouuuhh, we may miss something important!), so let’s dive into it!

The copy thing is all good, right? I mean everyone has tested Chat GPT or copy/translation tools that are based on its language model. It is working great and we all realized this tool is powerful, but has no human heart. Ouf! All good.

So I move ahead in my discovery with the video maker which is part of Design.ai and must say, I was impressed by its simplicity and how fast I could actually go. With not even an idea about the video I wanted to produce I made a full commercial video in one hour, here you go:

Yes, with stock footage, of cause, yes no transition animation and standard voiceover… but man, in one hour!

If I had some footage done on my own and a real concept here, this would have been just replacing the video agency I have been hiring for 4,5k€ for my last product video. So long story short, this AI-based video maker tool is delivering what it promised: easy and flexible video production in minutes!

Thanks for reading, speak soon!