Why AI is a game changer for marketers

When I first heard about chat GPT, I said to myself: yet another metaverse bubble, yet another crappy Microsoft product. I changed my mind quickly after it provided my in some seconds brilliant copy for the app landing page I was working on.

So why AI is a game changer for marketers? Because of speed! We can produce 100 times more content without doing the dirty hands job and focusing on our core: creation, understanding of target groups, and ensuring consistency of communications… we not only going faster but we are doing a better job!

Yes, there are jobs that will need to reinvent themselves! Yesterday I had been producing a small brand video in just 1 hour, with a full voiceover, music, intro + outro. I do not need to dive into this complicated video creation process that takes me days and weeks and where I cannot even change the voiceover because the speaker is not available anymore.

OK, you got me. I’m a fan of AI-based creation. I’m using designs.ai to make logos, copy, and videos. There are a lot of tools out there that are using open AI. I’m just using this one because it is working out for me.

But again, this is not a metaverse bubble, this is a revolution like the invention of the car has been a revolution and the plane. Because it is giving time a completely new scale and enables you to look much further.