Vimeo completely messed it up

I mean, this is impressive. I have used Vimeo for years and guys, I was so happy to have full control of my embedded videos (not showing completely unrelated s*** like on YouTube) and this new feature for hybrid screen/face recording… I was more than keen to pay some 60€ a year to have this service.

But this time they just killed me!

So I started upgrading from Plus to Pro plan (200€ / year) as I wanted to transfer my whole video production to Vimeo… and then the nightmare started!

  1. No filters anymore. I just needed to change my footage into grayscale. Impossible!
  2. Sharing not working! As I’m using the record function (which is working fine, ouuhhh), I’m copying the link, and… the video cannot be viewed because it is not rated. Holy, not even an alert when I copied the sharing link that it is not working?
  3. Incomprehensive dashboard. As I did a bigger amount of records for testing my scene I wanted to clean up a little and delete some footage. OMG, this is the most unstructured way to present videos, why?
  4. UI is mixing up different systems. No comment, a real mess.

No guys, you lost me, I downgraded to Plus so I can migrate my file somewhere else… Maybe I need to check the settings of YouToube again and there is a way to prevent Google to push their content at the end of my embedded videos!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment… Speak soon!!